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RH EXPERT, your 360 ° HR partner


Health and Safety Officer

"First aid actions"

Protect yourself


With dozens of people trained each month, RH Expert is a major player in first aid and safety training.

These training courses are offered in Luxembourg, 500 meters from the train station throughout the year. Register online and learn how to save lives.

Protect your business


"The employer must ensure the safety and health of all of his employees.

This obligation weighing on the employer is an obligation of result "(Art. L. 312-4. Of the labor code).

Due to its national accreditation issued by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Interior, RH Expert is authorized to fulfill employers' obligations and train their employees.



The law of 17 June 1994 concerning the safety and health of workers at work requires employers to train a sufficient number of employees in first aid.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

RH Expert, holder of the “INFS-2019-OF-031” accreditation, organizes first aid courses to help companies meet their employer obligations.


Learn the simple gestures that can save lives, in the workplace and in everyday life.

Know how to react to a person who is choking, a person who is unconscious, who is bleeding profusely, or who complains of chest pain.


  • 1st aid, accident and wounds

  • Burns and bandage

  • bleeding and fractures

  • unconsciousness and PLS (lateral safety positioning)

  • breathing and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

  • heart, early defibrillation, pediatric resuscitation

  • Removal of a biker helmet and the PLS

Duration : 16 hours (2 sessions of 8 hours)

Meal : included for both sessions

Location : RH Expert premises (500 meters from Luxembourg train station)

Dates : From January to September 2021


According to the Grand-Ducal regulation of May 6, 2010 repealed by the law of March 27, 2018, at the end of the training, participants will receive a personal diploma specific to the employee, initiation into first aid gestures approved by the Ministry. Interior, and valid for 5 years.


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"With my company, we took part in a training course on first aid and we had a pleasant time thanks to Cédric who was able to perfectly animate in joy and good humor many useful things that can save life. A big bravo and a big thank you for his availability and professionalism "

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"I have just completed the first aid training and sincerely recommend it to everyone!

And above all a big thank you to Cédric for these top two days. A subject mastered and based on own or lived experiences and transmitted with professionalism and good humor. And although I hope I never have to practice what you taught us a big thank you to you and your team for your welcome! "

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"Safety is our priority!

Last week, a first group of #Secoluxembourg employees was able to follow a training course dedicated to first aid
Thank you to RH EXPERT for the training and support of our teams in compliance with the safety instructions related to # covid19! "


Texture transparente

Several sessions

adapted to your agenda


16 hours

(2 sessions of 8 hours)


9 am / 6 pm


HR Expert Luxembourg premises



245 € tax incl.

per person

(+ 50 € for teaching fees)


Course language

French / English / Luxembourgish / German and Portuguese

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